About Us


Janice Spina aka J.E. Spina of Jemsbooks is a multi-award winning author with 28 published books. Her husband, John, is her illustrator and cover creator. 

Janice has been writing since the age of nine in the form of greeting cards and poems. She began writing children stories and her first novel in her twenties.

She loves to write in multi-genres for all ages.

Her books include:

14 children's book PS-Grade 3,

5 MG/PT/YA books in a girls' series - mysteries, ghosts and magic

6 MG/PT/YA books in a boys' series - detectives, mysteries, fantasy and magic

3 Novels for 18+ mystery/crime/suspense/paranormal/romance

and a short story collection (15 stories in multi-genres)

Janice plans to continuing creating fun and entertaining books for all ages!

Jemsbooks are available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

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